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1960758 $1/1 Covergirl Lip Product ETTS $2.25$1.99$1.89172010/31/2020
1960757 $2/1 Covergirl Eye Product ETTS $2.25$1.99$1.89252010/31/2020
1960756 $2/1 Covergirl Face Product ETTS $2.25$1.99$1.89252010/31/2020
1960755 $2/2 Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Products ETTS NVPR $2.25$1.99$1.89252010/17/2020
1960754 $4/1 Gillette Blade Refill 4ct or Larger NVPR ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.89242010/31/2020
1960753 $.50/1 Tide Simply Laundry Detergent 34oz- OR Tide Simply Pods 13ct OR ONE Downy liquid 40 ld, Bounce/Downy Sheets 40-60ct or Unstopables In Wash Scent Boosters 4.3oz NVPR ****IMMEDIATE PAYMENT REQUIRED****$2.99$2.99$2.99242011/7/2020
1960752 $2/1 Gain Flings, Ultra Flings ,Liquid Detergent, Essentials Oils or Scent Blast, Powder Detergent, Liquid Fabric Softener, Fireworks, or Sheets (see description for details)$3.49$3.35$3.25461011/7/2020
1960750 $1/1 Ripple 48oz Bottle$2.25$1.99$1.89252011/30/2020
1960749 $1/1 Benadryl Product ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.89252010/17/2020
1960748 $3/1 N0 7 Day, Night or Eye Cream (No7, N07, No. 7) ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.89252011/30/2020
1960747 $3/1 N0 7 Facial Serum Or Retinol (No7, N07, No. 7) ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.89252011/30/2020
1960711 $1/1 Tide Simply Detergent 50oz or more or Tide Simply PODS 20ct $2.99$2.99$2.99242011/7/2020
1960710 $3/1 Gain Flings, Ultra Flings ,Liquid Detergent, Essentials Oils or Scent Blast, Powder Detergent, Liquid Fabric Softener, Fireworks, or Sheets (see description for details)$4.99$4.75$4.50192011/7/2020
1960709 $4/1 Zyrtec Adult Product 24-60ct or Zyrtec-D product$2.25$1.99$1.89252010/17/2020
1960708 $4/1 Schwarzkopf Hair Color Product ETS$2.25$1.99$1.89112010/18/2020
1960707 $2/2 Dial or Tone Body Wash, Bar Soap 6 Bar+ $2.25$1.99$1.89202010/18/2020
1958637 $2.50/1 Air Wick Scented Oil Twin Refill $2.25$1.99$1.8952010/18/2020
1958636 20 2.00/3 Nestle Butterfinger, Crunch, Baby Ruth or 100 Grand 9 oz.+ bags (fun size halloween candy) ($2.00 off 3, $2/3)$2.25$1.99$1.8992010/31/2020
1958635 $1/3 Quaker Oatmeal Express Cups$2.25$1.99$1.89102011/1/2020
1958634 $.50/1 Quaker Oatmeal Squares or Simply Granola$2.25$1.99$1.89102011/1/2020
1958633 $1/2 Quaker Old Fashioned, Quick or Instant Oats, OR Oatmeal Squares Cereal$2.25$1.99$1.8932011/1/2020
1958593 $2/1 Nivea Body Lotion, In-Shower Body Lotion, or Cream Products, OR ANY TWO Lip Products $2.25$1.99$1.8942010/24/2020
1958592 $1/1 Mary B's Biscuits or Dumplings Product$2.25$1.99$1.89132010/25/2020
1958591 B1 Clairol Nice 'n Easy, Permanent Root Touch-Up or Natural Instincts Hair Color G1 Clairol Nice 'n Easy, Permanent Root Touch-Up or natural Instincts Hair Color FREE UP to $7.99$2.25$1.99$1.89132010/10/2020
1958555 $.50/1 Colgate Toothpastes 3oz+ NVPR No Restrictions about Doubling!!$3.49$3.25$3.0052010/10/2020
1958505 $2/1 Eucerin Body Product OR Baby Product ETS$2.25$1.99$1.89132010/24/2020
1958504 $1.50/1 Superpretzel Soft Pretzel Bites Product$2.25$1.99$1.89132010/24/2020
1958503 $1/1 Superpretzel Soft Pretzel Product$2.25$1.99$1.89132010/25/2020
1958502 $2/1 Aquaphor Body Product (1.75oz or larger) Or Aquaphor Baby product$2.25$1.99$1.89132010/24/2020
1958501 $1/1 Aquaphor Lip Product $2.25$1.99$1.89132010/24/2020
1958500 $3/1 Nivea Body Lotion 33.8oz Product $2.25$1.99$1.8942010/24/2020
1958498 $3/2 Nivea Women or Nivea Men Body Wash Product $2.25$1.99$1.89102010/24/2020
1958497 $2/1 Nivea Men Face OR After Shave Products Or any TWO Nivea Men Shave Products ETS$2.25$1.99$1.8972010/24/2020
1958496 $3/1 Nature Made Extended Release Melatonin, Sleep & recover, or Calm & Relax$2.25$1.99$1.89132011/8/2020
1958495 $2/1 Nature Made Melatonin$2.25$1.99$1.89132011/8/2020
1958494 B1G1 Love Beauty and Planet Hair Care or Deodorant products FREE ETTS NVPR $2.25$1.99$1.8982010/10/2020
1958492 $3/1 Children's Allegra or Allegra 12Hr Product$2.25$1.99$1.89132010/17/2020
1958491 $5/1 Allegra Allergy 24HR 24ct, Allegra-D OR any Children's Allegra Allergy Product 8oz or 24ct$2.25$1.99$1.89132010/17/2020
1958489 $1/1 Rimmel product$2.25$1.99$1.89132011/30/2020
1958488 $1/1 Rimmel London Eye product$2.25$1.99$1.89132011/30/2020
1958487 $.40/1 Fleischmann's Yeast product (Fleischmanns, Fleischmann)$2.25$1.99$1.89132011/10/2020
1958486 $1/1 Finish Jet Dry Rinse Aid or Finish Machine Cleaner$2.25$1.99$1.89132010/25/2020
1958485 $1/1 Finish Max in 1 or any 1 Finish Deep Clean Automatic Dishwasher Detergent$2.25$1.99$1.89132010/25/2020
1958484 $1/1 Finish Quantum Dishwasher Detergent$2.25$1.99$1.89132010/25/2020
1958483 $2/1 Depend products 8ct+$2.25$1.99$1.89122010/31/2020
1958482 $2/1 Poise Product (Pads, OR Liners) (Not Valid on 14-26ct Liners or 10ct Pads)$2.25$1.99$1.89122010/31/2020
1958481 $1/4 Oui by Yoplait French-Style Yogurt Product$2.25$1.99$1.89132011/21/2020
1958480 $1.50/2 Yoplait Yogurt Multipack (Includes 8-Pack Fridge Pack, Beverage, Go-Gurt, Go-Gurt Dunkers, Kids Cup Yogurt 8ct, OR Trix Yogurt 8ct of Oui by Yoplait 2ct or 4ct.)$2.25$1.99$1.89112011/21/2020
1958479 $1/10 Yoplait Yogurt (includes Original, Light, Whips!, Lactose Free, FruitSide, Greek, YQ by Yoplait, OR Just 3 by Yoplait.)$2.25$1.99$1.89132011/21/2020
1958478 $2/1 Efferdent product 90ct+ $2.25$1.99$1.89122011/8/2020
1958477 $.50/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars, Biscuits, Cups, Wafers, Snack Mix, Soft-Baked Squares OR Packed Sustained Energy Bars$2.25$1.99$1.89132011/21/2020
1958476 $1/2 Cheerios cereals (see description) General Mills$2.25$1.99$1.89132011/7/2020
1958475 $1/2 General Mills Cereals Listed- Chex, Fiber One, Multi Grain Cheerios, Wheaties, Basic 4, Raisin Nut Bran, Oatmeal Crisp, Total, Nature Valley Granola Pouches (in the cereal aisle)$2.25$1.99$1.89132011/7/2020
1958473 $.50/1 Land O Lakes Eggs$2.25$1.99$1.89112012/27/2020
1958472 $.50/1 Land O Lakes Eggs Cage Free OR Organic Varieties$2.25$1.99$1.89132012/27/2020
1958347 $.50/1 Snuggle products ETS (Snuggle brand laundry products)$2.25$1.99$1.89102010/11/2020
1958339 $1/1 Dawn Platinum Powerwash Product ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89292010/10/2020
1958338 $1/1 Cascade Rinse Aid. ETTS NVPR $2.25$1.99$1.89292010/10/2020
1958337 $2/1 Cascade Actionpacs Dishwasher Detergent 30ct or larger ETTS NVPR $2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958336 $1/1 Febreze Air Effects or Car Product NVPR ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958335 B1 Febreze Plug Scented Oil Refill G1 Febreze Plug Scented Oil Refill FREE BOGO, B0G0 NVPR $2.25$1.99$1.89242010/10/2020
1958334 B1 Febreze Small Spaces G1 Febreze Small Spaces FREE BOGO, B0G0 ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958333 $.25/1 Bounty Paper Towel Product ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958332 $.25/1 Puffs Facial Tissues Includes Multipacks ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958331 $.25/1 Charmin Toilet Paper Product (Excludes Single Rolls) NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958330 $.25/1 Charmin Flushable Wipes (ETTS)$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958329 $1/1 Mr. Clean Mop or Broom (Excluding Liquids) ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958328 $1/2 Mr. Clean Product (Mr Clean) ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958327 $2/1 Swiffer Refill, or WetJet Solution ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958326 $2/1 Swiffer Starter Kit ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958325 $.50/1 Microban Sanitizing Spray NVPR ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958324 $1/2 Gain Dishwashing Liquid Products 21.6 OZ+ NVPR ETTS $2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958323 $1/1 Secret Clinical, Essential oils, OR Gillette clinical Antiperspirant/Deodorant 1.6oz or Larger NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958322 $1/1 Secret Clinical, Essential oils, OR Gillette clinical Antiperspirant/Deodorant 1.6oz or Larger NVPR $2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958320 $3/2 Always Radiant OR Infinity Pads OR PURE Pads 10 ct or higher. ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/24/2020
1958319 $3/2 Tampax Pearl OR Radiant OR Pure Tampons 14ct+ NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/24/2020
1958318 $2.50/1 Fixodent Adhesive Twin OR Triple Pack 1.4oz+ ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89282010/10/2020
1958317 $1/1 Crest Mouthwash 473mL (16 oz) or Larger ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958315 $1/1 Crest Toothpaste OR Liquid Gel 3.0oz or More ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958314 $2/1 Always Discreet Incontinence Liners ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/24/2020
1958313 $3/1 Always Discreet Incontinence Pads, Underwear, OR Boutique Underwear ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89292010/24/2020
1958312 $3/1 Always Discreet Boutique Underwear, OR Boutique Low Rise Underwear ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/24/2020
1958311 $3/2 Sinex Nasal Spray Products ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/24/2020
1958310 $1/1 Vicks DayQuil Or Nyquil Product (Excludes 8ct Dayquil & Nyquil) ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/24/2020
1958308 $3/2 Vicks DayQuil Or Nyquil Product Or Formula 44 Product (Excludes 8ct Dayquil & Nyquil) ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/24/2020
1958306 $2/1 Prilosec OTC product NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958304 $2/1 Align Probiotic Supplement Product NVPR ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958303 $1/1 Metamucil Fiber Supplement Product ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958302 $1.50/1 Vicks VapoCOOL Drops, Spray or Lozenge Product ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958300 $.50/1 ZzzQuil OR PURE ZZZs product ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958299 $1/1 Vicks VapoRub, Babyrub, VapoCream or VapoInhaler Product ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958298 $2/1 Vicks FluTherapy Product ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958297 $2/1 Vicks Children's Liquid Product ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958295 $3/2 Vicks Vapo Products ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/24/2020
1958292 $1.50/1 Luvs Diapers ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958291 $.50/2 Pampers Wipes 56ct+ ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/10/2020
1958290 $1.50/1 Pampers Diapers OR Easy Ups Training Underwear ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89292010/10/2020
1958288 $1/1 Olay Skin Care product ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/24/2020
1958287 $2/1 Olay Total Effects Facial Moisturizer ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/24/2020
1958286 $2/1 Olay Regenerist Facial Moisturizer ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.89302010/24/2020
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