Stockpiling To Beat Inflation

While it is a tough topic and even a controversial topic to discuss, we all have to admit that we have seen grocery prices going up steadily since 2008.  While the government scrambles to keep us away from hyper inflation by pulling every kind of trick they can cook up, the reality is, economics is a simple system with predictable results.  Gold and Silver are not sky rocketing because people have developed a sudden new appreciation for their natural beauty, people are afraid and they are afraid for very real reasons.

We do not live in the America of 1955 or even the America of 1978, this is the 21st century with the dollar on the brink.  Using coupons effectively today to prepare for what could be extremely high food prices tomorrow can help your family get through tough times when grocery store shelves could be stripped bare as people rush to buy what they can while they can.

Now is the time to start stocking up on things you can throw in a deep freezer, dry goods, canned goods and household supplies.  Don't be caught out when prices soar too high for you to cope.  An ounce of prevention is often worth six tons of cure.

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