What Is Coupon Doubling

Depending on where you live and what stores you usually shop at you can maximize the value of your manufacturer's coupons through coupon doubling.  Coupon Doubling is when a store will double the value of the coupon when you redeem it at the register.  Some stores have membership cards and will double coupons only if you have one of those cards which are usually free and require only your name, address and phone number in most cases to get signed up on the spot.  Some stores have double coupon days from time to time when they will double the value of manufacturer's coupons.  The best thing to do is to check with your store.  If you store does double you should also be aware that sometimes they will only double up to a certain value.

Not All Coupons Can Be Doubled

Even if you locate a grocery store that does offer double coupons, keep in mind that not all manufacturer's coupons can be doubled.  How do you know which ones can be and which ones cannot?  The first and most obvious way is that the words "do not double" or something to that effect is printed right on it.  The other way is to look at the barcode on the coupon.  The first digit in a coupon barcode is generally either a 5 or a 9.  Barcodes with a 5 mean the coupon will double, barcodes with a 9 mean the coupon will not double.  Keep in mind that even if the barcode begins with a 5, if the coupon says "Do Not Double" on it then it cannot be doubled. This information is made available to you here on Coupon Flea Market on every listing, check out the sample below to know where to look.

As you can see from this example the Barcode reads a 5 BUT the bright red message clearly says that this particular coupon cannot be doubled.  If you do not see that message and the barcode is a 5 then it is safe to assume that this coupon will be eligible for doubling if your store offers a coupon doubling opportunity.

So now that you know the basics about Coupon Doubling check your local store and start hunting for those extra valuable double eligible coupons right here on Coupon Flea Market!

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