How To Save Big With Coupon Flea Market

With the economy seeming to be unraveling before our eyes things are getting harder and harder for American families.  Who would have ever imagined that a television show about using coupons would be a smash hit on a major TLC (if you have not seen "Extreme Couponing" check out the TLC website for show times)?  Being an extreme couponer like some of the folks on the show is a little more work than a lot of people have time for, that is where Coupon Flea Market comes in.  This article will give you a brief introduction to the idea behind Coupon Flea Market and how you can save hundreds of dollars on groceries.

Manufacturer Coupons + Store Sales = BIG SAVINGS

The key to maximizing your grocery dollar is taking advantage of manufacturer coupons on items that are already on sale at your local grocery.  Many manufacturer coupons (most of them in fact) can be combined with in store sales to give you a lot of mileage for your food dollar.  Many local grocery stores may have a buy one get one free (BOGO) sale on your favorite brand of pasta or cereal, that is a great deal right?  What if you added to that a manufacturer coupon for $2.00 off the box of cereal that is $3.00?  You would get two boxes of cereal for $1.00 for a savings of $5.00!  If you did that on cereal, bread and juice ans saved $5.00 on each purchase you just walked away from the grocery store with a $15.00 savings!  Could you use an extra $15.00 every week?  A lot of people just do not realize that you can use manufacturer coupons on sale items, now you do, so now you can save!

It is not at all difficult, with a little planning to turn a $300.00 grocery bill into a $50.00 grocery bill or if you really know the game, a $2.00 bill.  It sounds hard to believe but check out the video below to see a spot from TLC Channel's series, "Extreme Couponing".  You can do it too!

Stocking Up Is The Key

The big sales on the brands that you prefer don't happen every week and the manufacturer doesn't release coupons on those brands every week.  The best way to save is to stock up on the items that you want when the sales and the coupons line up to allow you to get the most mileage from your dollar.  We drink about a pound of coffee every week in my house (I drink a LOT of coffee), so when our grocery store has a buy one get one free sale I make sure to buy as much as I can BUT I bring along the coupons and instead of spending $60.00 for 10 bags of coffee I only spend $20.00!  That ten bags will last me about ten weeks which is right about when the next sale on coffee will go on at the grocery, so I never pay full price for coffee and save $160.00 a year on coffee alone!
But wait a minute... to do that you would have to buy 10 Sunday newspapers at $1.00 each so that would knock my savings down a bit, plus I would have to cut out all the coupons!

No Need To Clip, No Wasting Time, No Pile Of Papers

Coupon Flea Market is the missing piece of the coupon puzzle.  We have a community of coupon clippers who do nothing but locate the best, big money saving coupons and clip them for you!  I just did a quick search and found that I can get 20 $2.00 off coupons for Caribou Coffee from a seller on Coupon Flea Market for $1.25!  I don't have to spend $10.00 on newspapers and clip out 10 coupons I just spend two minutes on and spend $1.25 to save $30.00 for a net savings of $28.75. 

Getting Help

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