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1882244 $.50/1 Men's Speed Stick Antiperspirant/Deodorants (excluding 2oz, 1.8 oz, 1.7 oz & .5oz trial size). Valid on 2.7 oz size and larger. NOT VALID IN PUERTO RICO$2.25$1.99$1.8940202/8/2020
1882242 $.50/1 Colgate Toothpastes 3oz+ NVPR $3.25$3.15$3.0040202/1/2020
1882081 $2/1 all Mighty Pacs Unit Dose Product ETS (all laundry detergent) $2.25$1.99$1.8920201/26/2020
1881726 $1/1 Palmolive Ultra Dish Liquid (32.5oz+) NVPR $2.25$1.99$1.8918202/1/2020
1881725 $.50/1 Palmolive Ultra Dish Liquid 18oz+ NVPR No restrictions about doubling!$2.25$1.99$1.8918202/1/2020
1881383 $.50/1 Lady Speed Stick Women's Antiperspirant/Deodorants (excluding 2oz, 1.8 oz, 1.7 oz & .5oz trial size). Valid on 2.7 oz size and larger. NOT VALID IN PUERTO RICO$2.25$1.99$1.8947202/8/2020
1881368 $1/1 Palmolive Ultra Dish Liquid (32.5oz+) NVPR $2.45$2.35$2.251202/1/2020
1881310 Save $1.00 off any ONE Package of Dixie To Go Cups$2.25$1.99$1.8924202/19/2020
1881309 Save $2.00 off any One Persil ProClean Laundry Detergent $2.25$1.99$1.8922202/2/2020
1881306 $.50/1 Softsoap Brand Liquid Hand Soap Pump (8oz+) or Refill (32oz+) NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8924202/1/2020
1880894 $3.00 off one Downy Liquid Fabric Conditioner 130ld or larger (includes Downy Infusions 120ld or larger or Downy Odor Protect 81oz or larger or Downy Nature Blends 103oz or larger or Downy WinkleGuard 64oz or larger) or Downy Sheets 250ct (includes B$5.50$5.25$5.0017201/25/2020
1880893 $2.00 off one Downy Liquid Fabric Conditioner 72ld to 120ld (includes downy Odor protect 48oz to 64oz or Downy WrinkleGuard 40oz to 48oz) or Bounce/Downy Sheets 130ct to 240ct (includes Bounce/Downy wrinkleGuard 80ct) or in-wash scent boosters 8.6 t$4.75$4.65$4.5528201/25/2020
1880892 $3.00 off one Tide PODS 32ct or larger (includes Tide PODS 26ct) or Tide Powder PODS 21ct or larger (excludes tide liquid/powder Laundry detergent, Tide Simply, Tide Simply PODS, Tide PODS 9ct and below and trial/travel size) $8.75$8.50$8.2537201/25/2020
1880891 Save $2.00 off ONE Tide Laundry Detergent 75oz or Smaller, OR Tide Purclean Laundry Detergent 50oz or smaller, OR Tide Antibacterial Spray $8.75$8.50$8.259201/25/2020
1880890 Save $2.00 OFF one Tide Pods 31ct or smaller (excludes Tide Liquid/Powder Laundry Detergent, Tide Power Pods, Tide Simply, Tide Simply Pods, Tide Pods 26ct and Tide Pods 9ct and below and Trial/travel size)$8.00$7.75$7.5029201/25/2020
1880248 $4/2 Nivea Body Lotion, In-Shower Body Lotion, or Creme Product ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.898201/25/2020
1879399 $1.50/1 Nivea Body Lotion, In-Shower Body Lotion, or Creme Product ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.8930201/25/2020
1879391 $.75/2 Nabisco Cookie or Cracker products 3.5oz+$3.15$3.00$2.855202/22/2020
1878695 $.50/1 Lysol All Purpose Cleaner or Bathroom Cleaner$2.25$1.99$1.8919201/29/2020
1877732 $2/1 Splenda Stevia Sweetener Product $2.25$1.99$1.8924202/3/2020
1877731 $1/2 Nestle Pure Life Purified Water 8oz multi-packs 6 count or higher$2.25$1.99$1.8925203/8/2020
1877730 $1/2 Nestle Pure Life Purified Water 11.5oz 6-Packs$2.25$1.99$1.8925203/8/2020
1877727 $1.50/1 Excedrin product $2.25$1.99$1.8925203/1/2020
1877726 $1/1 Sparkle Paper Towels 6 Roll or Larger$2.25$1.99$1.8925202/5/2020
1877725 $5/2 multipacks or canisters of BOOST Drinks$2.25$1.99$1.8925202/29/2020
1877723 $1.25/5 Lean Cuisine Entrees, OR More Cuisine Varieties$2.25$1.99$1.8925202/16/2020
1877719 $2/1 Sundown Product$2.25$1.99$1.8925202/1/2020
1877718 $3/1 Sundown Organics Product ONLY$2.25$1.99$1.8925202/1/2020
1877717 $2/1 Sundown Kids Clean Nutrition Multivitamin Product$2.25$1.99$1.8925202/2/2020
1877714 $2/1 Nature's Bounty Vitamin or Supplement$2.25$1.99$1.8925201/26/2020
1877713 $3/1 Nature's Bounty Sleep3 Product Excluding 15ct$2.25$1.99$1.8925201/26/2020
1877712 $2/1 Nature's Bounty Co Q-10 Fish Oil Vitamin or Supplement$2.25$1.99$1.8925201/26/2020
1877711 $2/1 Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions Vitamin Or Supplement Product$2.25$1.99$1.8925201/26/2020
1877710 $5/1 Nature's Bounty Beauty Softgels Product$2.25$1.99$1.8925201/26/2020
1877709 $1/1 Perrier & Juice Drink 4-Pack any variety$2.25$1.99$1.8925203/5/2020
1877708 $1/1 Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water Multi-pack. This includes .5L 6-Pack, .5L 24-pack. 750ml glass 12-Pack and Slim Can 10-Pack$2.25$1.99$1.8925203/5/2020
1877707 $3/1 CeraVe Product NVPR ETS$2.25$1.99$1.8925201/25/2020
1877706 $3/1 CeraVe Skin Renewing Product NVPR ETS$2.25$1.99$1.8925201/25/2020
1877705 $3/1 CeraVe Healing Ointment Product NVPR ETS$2.25$1.99$1.8925201/25/2020
1875513 B1 Revlon Lip OR Eye Cosmetic G1 FREE$4.00$3.85$3.7527202/1/2020
1873731 $1/2 General Mills Cereals - Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Reese's Puffs, Cocoa Puffs, Trix, Cookie Crisp, Golden Grahams, Kix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros Cereal$2.25$1.99$1.8920202/15/2020
1873728 $4/1 Centrum MultiGummies 50ct+ $2.25$1.99$1.8914202/2/2020
1873727 $4/1 Centrum Silver Multivitamin 50ct+ ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.899202/2/2020
1873726 $4/1 Centrum or Centrum Silver Multivitamin 50ct+ OR Centrum Multi+Probiotics Multivitamin 30ct ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.896202/2/2020
1873640 $3/1 Systane Lubricant Eye Drops 10ml or Larger OR 2X4ml Pocket Pack$2.25$1.99$1.8920202/1/2020
1873639 $6/1 Systane Lubricant Eye Drops Twin Pack Only$2.25$1.99$1.895202/1/2020
1873638 $8/1 Systane ICAPS Eye Vitamins (Any Size)$2.25$1.99$1.899202/1/2020
1873637 $3/1 Clear Care OR Clear Care Plus Solution 12oz or Larger$2.25$1.99$1.8920202/1/2020
1873635 $3/1 Opti-free Puremoist, Replenish, Express Solution 10oz or Larger$2.25$1.99$1.8920202/1/2020
1873634 $6/1 Opti-free Puremoist, Replenish, Express Solution Twin Pack Only$2.25$1.99$1.8920202/2/2020
1873633 $15/1 Nicorette Product 72ct or Larger $2.25$1.99$1.8919201/31/2020
1873632 $2/1 Nicorette Product 20-24ct $2.25$1.99$1.8920201/31/2020
1873631 $15/1 NicoDerm CQ 14ct or Larger$2.25$1.99$1.8918201/31/2020
1873629 $1/3 Kellogg's Eggo Waffles, Pancakes and/or French Toast Frozen Product 8.4oz+$2.25$1.99$1.8920202/16/2020
1873628 $1.25/2 Kellogg's Special K Cereals (10.5oz or Larger) Any Flavor, Mix and Match (Kelloggs, Kellogg)$2.25$1.99$1.8920202/16/2020
1873627 $.55/1 Jimmy Dean Item$2.25$1.99$1.8918202/2/2020
1873626 $.75/1 Jimmy Dean Frozen Item$2.25$1.99$1.8919202/2/2020
1873625 $1.50/1 Equal Product$2.25$1.99$1.8918203/1/2020
1873623 $3/1 Mederma Scar or Stretch Mark product.DND$2.25$1.99$1.8920202/29/2020
1873622 $2/1 Compeed Product$2.25$1.99$1.8920202/29/2020
1873621 $.50/1 Quilted Northern Bath Tissue 6 double roll+$2.25$1.99$1.8915202/5/2020
1873620 $1/1 Angel Soft Toilet Paper with 12 or more rolls Or on One Mega Roll pack with 6 or more rolls $2.25$1.99$1.8919202/5/2020
1873619 $1/1 Angel Soft Toilet Paper with Fresh Scent With 12 or more Rolls Or One Mega roll pack with 6 or more rolls$2.25$1.99$1.8919202/5/2020
1873618 $1.50/1 Whole Earth Sweetener Co. Product$2.25$1.99$1.8920202/5/2020
1873616 $2/1 Nexium 24HR Product $2.25$1.99$1.8919202/4/2020
1873611 $4/1 Caltrate Calcium & Vitamin D3 Product$2.25$1.99$1.8919202/2/2020
1873605 $1/1 Advil OR Advil PM 20ct or Larger$2.25$1.99$1.8920201/27/2020
1873601 $1/1 Emergen-C Dietary Supplement 8ct or Larger$2.25$1.99$1.8920201/31/2020
1873599 $1/1 all Product (laundry products) ETS$2.25$1.99$1.8914201/26/2020
1873598 $1/1 Snuggle products ETS (Snuggle brand laundry products)$2.25$1.99$1.8914201/26/2020
1873597 $5/1 Nutro Wholesome Essentials Dry Cat Food, any size$2.25$1.99$1.892202/16/2020
1873596 $1/2 Skittles Bags (14.0-15.6oz) DND$2.25$1.99$1.8920202/17/2020
1873595 $1/2 Snickers (7.2-35.09oz) OR M&M bags (9.9-42.0oz) DND$2.25$1.99$1.8920202/17/2020
1873594 $1/1 Hearty Beef, Savory Chicken or Mexician- Style Sauce College Inn Simple Starter OR ONE Culinary Stock, any flavor$2.25$1.99$1.8920203/5/2020
1873593 $.50/2 Mott's Juice or Applesauce Products (any size or flavor)$2.25$1.99$1.8920203/1/2020
1873592 $.75/1 Viva Paper Towels 6 pk or Larger$2.25$1.99$1.8918202/1/2020
1873591 $.50/1 Kleenex Wipes 20ct+$2.25$1.99$1.8919201/25/2020
1873590 $1/4 boxes/Packs 30ct+ Kleenex Facial Tissue and/or Kleenex Wet Wipes (20ct or Higher)$2.25$1.99$1.8920201/25/2020
1873589 $.50/1 Scott Towels 6+ rolls $2.25$1.99$1.8918202/1/2020
1873588 $.50/1 Scott Bath Tissue 6+ rolls $2.25$1.99$1.8918202/1/2020
1873587 $.50/1 Cottonelle Flushable Wipes (42ct+) $2.25$1.99$1.8920202/1/2020
1873586 $1/1 Cottonelle Toilet Paper 6 or more rolls$2.25$1.99$1.8917202/1/2020
1873584 $5/1 Biotrue multi-purpose Solution 10oz Twin Pack (Bausch + Lomb)$2.25$1.99$1.8920203/6/2020
1873583 $1/1 Listerine Mouthwash (400ml or Larger) OR any Listerine Ready Tabs (8ct or Larger)$2.25$1.99$1.8919202/2/2020
1873582 $4/1 Soothe Product (Bausch + Lomb)$2.25$1.99$1.8920203/8/2020
1873581 $2/1 BENGAY Product $2.25$1.99$1.8920202/2/2020
1873580 $2/1 Adult Motrin Product $2.25$1.99$1.8920202/2/2020
1873579 $2/1 Adult Tylenol, Tylenol PM or Simply Sleep Product (Excludes Tylenol Cold or Sinus and Trial/Travel Sizes)$2.25$1.99$1.8920202/2/2020
1873578 $2/1 Children's or Infants Tylenol or Children's or Infants Motrin (Excludes Children's Tylenol Cold&Flu) ETTS $2.25$1.99$1.8920202/2/2020
1873577 $3/1 Ensure Max Protein Multipack$2.25$1.99$1.8917202/16/2020
1873576 $1/1 Del Monte Veggieful Bites, any flavor$2.25$1.99$1.8919203/5/2020
1873575 $1/1 Del Monte Veggieful Veggie Bowl any Flavor (find in the canned vegetable aisle)$2.25$1.99$1.8919203/5/2020
1873574 $2/1 Tagament product 30ct+ $2.25$1.99$1.8920202/28/2020
1873573 $2/1 Efferdent product 90ct+ $2.25$1.99$1.8920202/28/2020
1873572 $7/2 Glucerna Products of your choice$2.25$1.99$1.898202/16/2020
1873571 $.50/5 Yoplait Yogurt (includes Original, Light, Smooth, Whips!, Lactose Free, OR FruitSide)$2.25$1.99$1.8920202/29/2020
1873570 $1/1 Yoplait Yogurt Multipack (Includes 8-Pack Fridge Pack, Beverage, Go-Gurt 16ct Or Larger, Go-Gurt Dunkers, Kids Cup Yogurt 8ct, OR Trix Yogurt 8ct)$2.25$1.99$1.8920202/29/2020
1873569 $1/2 Cheerios cereals (see description) General Mills$2.25$1.99$1.8919202/15/2020
1873568 $1/2 General Mills Cereals Listed- Chex, Fiber One, Multi Grain Cheerios, Wheaties, Basic 4, Raisin Nut Bran, Oatmeal Crisp, Total, Nature Valley Granola Pouches (in the cereal aisle)$2.25$1.99$1.8920202/15/2020
1873566 $1.50/1 Gold Bond Ultimate Overnight, Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetics, Rough & Bumpy, Neck & Chest, Dark Spot Minimizing, 13oz Strength & Resilience, OR Men's 5in1 Face$2.25$1.99$1.8920202/2/2020
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